November 2010

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DSI Dark Library

I was annoyed by the lack of a dark frame being applied to my DSI guider images.  While a dark-subtracted image means less noise and an increased sensitivity to guide on fainter stars, I found the need to cover the APO guide scope to take a dark inconvenient and impossible in an automated set-up.

I began creating a dark library in MaxIm DL.  This is configured to point to the calibration folder of master frames (biases, darks, flats), and "full calibration" is set for the guider CCD.  Much better.

Filter Off-Sets

Determined B, V, Rc, Ic, and "None" filter off-sets using ACP Focus Offsets.vbs script.

ACP Scheduler

Installed ACP Scheduler today.  A little more of a learning curve to figure this one out.  Need to get some program stars and other targets in place to really leverage Scheduler.

ACP & Scheduler Licenses

The 60-day trial of ACP was eye-opening to say the least.  There is great customer support from Bob Denny (even though I wasn't exactly as customer - yet).  After much consideration, I realized that I could get so much more observing time and data collected by having a truly "robotic" observatory.  So today I purchased licenses for ACP and ACP Scheduler.  These were digital downloads.  Looking forward to implementing this.

Started off by installing and configuring ACP.  Scheduler can come later.