Imaging, Collimating MPSW TOP/Bottom Ports, Centre Telescope Calibration

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Started off getting 12 luminance images of M63 (300 sec. subs). Guiding is good in RA (~1 arc-second PE RMS). Seeing was average (3/5).

Tried collimating the MegaPort SideWinder top and bottom ports to each other and the rear port, but there is not enough "slack" in X or Y axis of the ports to accomplish this. I may need to collimate the top and bottom ports to each other first, then collimate the rear port to the top/bottom port.

Took 6 luminance images of M13 (300 sec. subs). Seeing got better compared to the FWHM values of M63 earlier in the night.

Finished off taking 20 darks (300 sec. subs) unattended as I went off to bed at 3:40 AM