QSI Camera Error 2204 & 1500 / POI Adjustment

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I tried another Autosave sequence, but got the same camera errors as last night. Looks like I got the exposure wrong for the V filter - much too long of an exposure (45 sec.) which saturated the CCD chip.  After three saturated frames, the camera stops responding.  Once I figured out the correct half-well capacity exposures for all the filters, the Autosave sequence completed without the camera freezing.  I also took bias frames in this sequence.  I put in a tech support ticket with QSI anyway to see what they say.  I'm particularly interested in knowing what the 2204 and 1500 error codes mean.

[UPDATE - The QSI 2204 error code means a low-level USB error, but that class of error can be caused by many different factors].

I adjusted the overall distance the pick-off mirror protrudes into the ACF imaging path light cone.  But first I measured how much it protrudes.  This reference measurement was made from the bottom of the 2" barrel to the heal of the protruding cylinder which carries the first surface mirror  The heal is defined by the back, top edge of the mirror.  This distance was factory set at 10mm.

I increased the amount the cylinder protrudes into the light cone by 5mm to 15mm (the maximum amount is 20mm because anything greater means that the two set screws would miss the end of the cylinder.

This protrusion should improve the roundness of guide stars since the POI is further from the edge of the light cone.