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Helping Hubble

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The Space Telescope Science Institute's Hubble Heritage Project, used data supplied by Newcastle Observatory through the AAVSO to image "the star that changed the universe".  It is a Cephied variable designated "V1" by Edwin Hubble that he imaged in 1923 with the 100 inch Hooker telescope atop Mount Wilson, California.  This was the first variable star used by Edwin Hubble to determine the true scale of the universe.
The Hubble Heritage Team made observations of V1 as a symbolic tribute to Edwin Hubble's pivotal observation. In order to plan observations of V1 with the Hubble Space Telescope, phasing information supplied by Newcastle Observatory (AAVSO Observer code CMJA) and nine other AAVSO observers around the world was used.  The Hubble Heritage Project has posted a list of participating observers for this object.
For more information, please refer to the AAVSO article about this joint campaign.
For a detailed account of this Hubble Heritage Project, please refer to Hubble Heritage Project M31-V1
The original campaign notice was posted by the AAVSO as Alert Notice 422.