Delivery of the OTA and Focal Reducer

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I picked up the Meade 16" ACF OTA today at Khanscope.  Also picked up the Optec NextGen Ultra Wide Field 0.7X and mounting plate. A friend helped with his van since the OTA box was too big to fit inside the Jeep Patriot. The OTA arrived at Newcastle Observatory at 11:46 AM, and we off-loaded the box from the van and in through the double front doors. Unpacking took about 30 minutes.  Packing tape and box staples had to be removed, and the outer box slipped off.  The OTA box is a box within a box.  The OTA itself was encased in four thick foam blocks. The OTA has several layers of white tissue paper around it for added protection. The outside and inside of the OTA was given a brief visual inspection for any damage.  There was a very slight amount of some sort of film around the screws on the corrector cell and mirror cell which can easily be removed.  The mirror lock and focus knob were rotated as initial inspection.  All else appears in good order. Thorough inspection and testing of the optics, focus mechanism and mirror lock will not be possible until the OTA can be mounted. A note inside the OTA box indicated that a set of box labels which correctly identifies the OTA as having ACF optics can be ordered.  I e-mailed Meade and placed the order. The NextGen and its mounting plate were unpackaged and inspected for finish.