Modifying the Pier

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Delivered the 2' x 3' x 1/2" steel plate to Liberty Metal Fabricators at 8 AM this morning to have three new bolt holes drilled 11" south from the old bolt holes.  Moving the pier to this location will put the OTA central to the dome.

Picked up the steel plate at 4:30 PM.  Was helped by a neighbour and his friend to get the plate back on the parallams.

After dinner, I started drilling and tapping the 4 threaded holes into the top of the pier to receive the 3/8"-16 stainless steel screws.  Drilling went fine.  Tapping was a real chore.  Got one hole tapped, put a screw in to test and it got jammed.  While trying to get it out, the screw sheared off.  I then decided that the tapping would best be done at Liberty Metal Fabricators.  My neighbour helped me get the pier into the garage where I recalculated where the bolt circle would be placed (rotated 120 degrees from the first attempt).  I drilled four shallow pilot indents using he base plate as a template and annotated the hole locations for Liberty.  Also indicated that they grind down the remnant of the sheared bolt.  Tilted the pier into the Jeep for delivery tomorrow morning.

Lagged screwed the steel plate to the parallams, and called it a night.