April 2011

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Correct Photometry Aperture Radius / UCAC3 Download

Learned about applying the correct aperture radius as 0.8x FWHM.  The PinPoint engine provides FWHM. The FWHM is measured by doing individual Gaussian PSF fits to the 20 brightest unsaturated stars in the plate. Checked to see that the UCAC3 catalog downloaded successfully.

Visual PinPoint, UCAC3, ACP 6.0

Earlier this afternoon, Dick Berg was kind enough to have a look at my images that did not plate solve (see ACP forums). He had some good advice, but I don't think it explains away all the mystery of why one image solves, and the immediate next image on the same target, doesn't solve.  He mentioned more hot pixels in the second image, but that's only part of the problem.

Upgraded ACP Scheduler

DC-3 Dreams released ACP Schduler 3.3 today.  I still haven't got around to leveraging Scheduler, but I upgraded anyway.

First Data Submission Acknowledged by AAVSO

I submitted some data on Mrk 421 which was broadcast via a AAVSO Newsflash tonight.