June 2011

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Control Room

Startup Procedures

Shutdown Procedures

Control Room Layout

Under Construction

Previous Control Room Layout

Shutter Contact Plate Replacement

I read that when dissimilar materials (e.g. aluminium and cooper) come into contact with each other, galvanic corrosion can occur, which is caused by the difference in electrical potential between the two metals.  This corrosion can affect conductivity at the contact plates, impeding power to the shutter motor.  In dry climates, galvanic corrosion is not much of a concern, but when relative humidity reaches much higher levels, then electrolytes can form from the moisture in the air.

Dome Modifications

A number of modifications to the dome have been made to provide better operations, including:

Dome Sag Brace

Dome Ventilation

DSR and Shutter Weather Seal

Motor Covers

Shutter Contact Plate Redesign

Coming Soon . . . 

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Cloud Monitor

A Technical Innovations CloudWatcher will be installed to monitor for clouds and close the dome if it becomes too cloudy.

Weather Station

Local Weather

Intellicast WxMap

A Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station will be installed to give near real-time telemetry of local weather conditions and protect the dome (ensure dome shutter closes during high wind).

Night Sky Quality

A Unihedron ethernet-enabled Sky Quality Meter will be installed to give LIVE night time telemetry of sky brightness.