December 2012

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ACP Directives Code for Notepad++

An ACP directives code snippets library is available for Notepad++.  This library uses the Code Snippets plug-in available for Notepad++.  Using the ACP directives library, ACP plans can be quickly built without directive typos. The snippets include "hints" to add arguements to ACP directives.  See the ACP Directives Snippets download page for more information.

Moon Calendars

Moon Calendar Posters

Shows daily Moon phase, librations, maximum and minimum declination, perigee, apogee, largest and smallest Full Moon of the year, farthest and nearest Moon for the year, conjunctions (< ten degrees separation) and occultations of planets and stars, major meteor showers, Lunar/Solar eclipses, equinox/solstice, DST start/end, Julian date for the 1st of each month, and upper culmination (transit) of Polaris useful for polar alignment of telescope mounts.

ACP Directives

ACP Directives Code Snippets for Notepad++ and Code Snippets.

Build ACP plans by inserting directives with  double-click of ACP directive code snippets. Avoid directive typos and see directive "hints". Directives and comments are colour coded.

Windows XP / 7, Notepad++ 6.2.2, Code Snippets plug-in 1.1.0 for Notepad++.



ACP Code Snippet Directives

Moon Phase Calendars

2013 Moon Phase Calendar

The 2012 Moon phase calendar shows the phase of the Moon for each day of the year, apogee and perigee, librations, conjunctions with and occultations of other objects, maximum and minimum lunar declination, and largest and smallest Full Moons for the year