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ACP & Scheduler Licenses

The 60-day trial of ACP was eye-opening to say the least.  There is great customer support from Bob Denny (even though I wasn't exactly as customer - yet).  After much consideration, I realized that I could get so much more observing time and data collected by having a truly "robotic" observatory.  So today I purchased licenses for ACP and ACP Scheduler.  These were digital downloads.  Looking forward to implementing this.

Started off by installing and configuring ACP.  Scheduler can come later.

Refresh Timer Exception Phase=5

This has been an on-going problem with the Digital Dome Works ASCOM driver.  This error loses connection between the dome and ACP and leaves the dome in an unsafe condition. Not suitable for automated imaging.  There has been a new ASCOM driver in the works for quite some time now.  If a new driver doesn't come out soon, I'll have to like at getting an alternative (more expense) dome control system such as MaxDome.

AAVSO Membership

I should have joined years ago, but then again, I didn't realize how much I would enjoy doing science by contributing photometric and astrometric data - mostly automated! So now I'm a memebr of the AAVSO with an observer code.  The staff at the AAVSO HQ are great, and the members have been very helpful.  The AAVSO web site and other resources are top notch!

ACP Trial

I need to get the observatory automated.  There's lots of clear skies after I've long gone to bed, and I need to have the observatory working and collecting data autonomously. So I downloaded the 60-day trial version of ACP.

DC-3 Comm Center

I joined the DC-3 Dreams Comm Center today.  It is a great resource to resolve ACP and ACP Scheduler issues and to get helpful advice with observatory automation.

Mirror Cell Lock Knobs

The mirror lock knob that is built-in to the Meade ACF is inadeqaute to prevent miror "flop", so fashioned a couple of knobs to better lock down the mirror cell.  These threaded knobs pass through two holes (180 degrees apart) at the back of the OTA where shipping bolts were originally installed to lock down the mirror cell.  Since focus is achieved with the Van Slyke OMG Crayford focuser, the mirror can be permanently locked down to avoid any mirror "flop".

PemPro V2 License

Received a licence key today and activated the software (previously installed ).

DSI Dark Slide Install

Had a late start to the night; I didn't start collecting data on M17 until 1:03 AM.

I had FocusMax issues; trying to figure out focus start positions on the FM setup tab. The critical focus position value seems to have increased. This may be related to ambient temperature which expands the OTA and "pushes" the focal point out the back of the OTA.  I began a log of date, air temp., RoboFocus focus temp. (value), and focuser position.

PemPro Licence

I recalled that the mathis mount is supposed to ship with a PemPro licence, but I didn't it.  So I made arrangements with Mathis to get a licence from ccdware.

GTN Partner

I joined the GTN Network today.  Was wondering how active it is, but got a reply from Kevin McLin, GTN Diretor, that GTN is active but that some things were never set up.


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