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This is the report to GCN. A compilation of all reports is available from GCN.


NUMBER:  11645
SUBJECT: GRB 110205A: Newcastle Observatory Optical Observations
DATE:    11/02/05 15:37:38 GMT
FROM:    Michael Cook at Newcastle Obs.  <michaeljcook AT rogers DOT com>

Michael J. Cook, Newcastle Observatory report:

On 5 February UT, the field of GRB 110205A detected by SWIFT (trigger 444643) 
was observed, beginning approximately 49 minutes after the GRB trigger, with the 
Newcastle Observatory 0.4 meter robotic telescope, located in Newcastle, 
Ontario, Canada (Bortle Class 4-5 sky).

Observations were made under transparent skies, but with poor seeing.  Weather 
was good with an ambient temperature of -4C.  No Moon was present.

Automatic imaging in the V-band detected the afterglow candidate reported by 
Beardmore et al., Klotz et al. (GCN 11630) at:

RA 10: 58: 31.34 DEC +67 31 31.4 (J2000)

A 180s calibrated image gives a preliminary magnitude of 15.41 (V-band).
The magnitude is estimated with the nearby NOMAD1 star 1574-0155894 (Vmag 

A time-series was taken from 02:52:09 to 07:23:05 and further analysis is in 

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